3D Mechanical Giant Stag Beetle

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Create your own mechanical Beetles with The Missing Piece 3D Mechanical Beetles DIY Kit. This kit comes with all the necessary customized craft supplies you need to build your very own set of working beetles.

  • Easy to Assemble: The kit includes easy-to-follow instructions, making it simple for anyone to build.
  • Mechanical Movement: Once assembled, the beetles have a mechanical movement that will amaze and delight anyone who sees them in action.
  • Creative and Unique: This is a unique craft project that will allow you to create something truly special. The finished product is sure to impress!

The Missing Piece 3D Mechanical Beetles DIY Kit is perfect for those who love hands-on projects. It's also great for kids who want a fun and educational activity that will teach them about mechanics while encouraging their creativity.

Order now and get ready to enjoy hours of fun as you assemble your very own set of mechanical beetles!


This stunning 3D Giant Stag Beetle Metal Puzzle will thrill and challenge puzzle fans! With 406 pieces, it's sure to provide lots of fun. Light it up for an immersive experience and create an eye-catching display that will turn heads. A great way to stimulate the mind!