The Missing Piece brand lands at Brea Mall.

The Missing Piece brand lands at Brea Mall.

Brea City, June 1st, 2023 - The Missing Piece, an intellectual toys and puzzles brand, is pleased to announce its presence in Brea Mall, offering a unique experience with intellectual toys for consumers. As a brand focused on creativity and intellectual development, we are proud to have a storefront in Brea Mall and look forward to bringing endless joy to toy enthusiasts in the community.

Our fun and unique puzzles and building sets are suitable for players of all ages, especially for those who are looking for a challenge. Our products emphasize challenging thinking, cultivating creativity, and enhancing spatial cognition.

Whether for individual play or engaging with family and friends, The Missing Piece's products provide a fun and educational experience.

Our brand is renowned for its high quality, reliability, and innovative design. We promise rigorous quality control and safety testing to ensure that each product meets the highest standards. We believe that through our collaboration with Brea Mall, we will offer exciting shopping choices for toy enthusiasts.

We warmly welcome customers from Brea Mall to explore our kiosk and discover the fascinating world of intellectual toys with us. Whether you are seeking personal challenges or unique gifts, The Missing Piece will be your preferred choice. Come and find us on the lower level in front of Forever 21!

About The Missing Piece Brand: The Missing Piece is a community dedicated to creativity and hands on experience. We want to share the joy of crafting and explore the world of unique puzzles with everyone. We also want to improve everyone’s building experience as well. We are not a seller, but a crafting hobbyist.

We believe that the human connection is the missing piece.


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