About Us

About Us

Do you have a favorite memory where you did a project with your mom, dad or just with friends? Here at The Missing Piece, we do.

In 2021, when the world just had enough of COVID-19, a group of friends who loved crafting found a great way to get away from the stress and the negative noises around them: DIY building projects.

These kits provide all the necessary material for one to complete and build out miniature houses that are equipped with elaborate interior designs and furniture; futuristic lamps and speakers that come with intricate nuts and bolts, wooden puzzles, block puzzles, and many more. 

Gaining more followers in recent years, we found that there are so many others out there that are just like us: who have a passion for challenging projects that combine crafting and puzzles! These crafting puzzle projects not only challenge us and provide hours of fun, but also can be done together with friends and families. 


We want to share the joy of crafting and explore the world of unique puzzles with everyone. We also want to improve everyone’s building experience as well. We are not a seller, but a crafting hobbyist. We believe that the human connection is the missing piece. 

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